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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

It’s a cold world and but the internet truly has no heart. Cardi B checked folks who showed no sympathy for an Instagram model’s passing.

As spotted on Madam Noire the Bronx bombshell made it clear that all lives matters, including social media vixens. On Sunday, August 19 Jenae Gagnier, aka Miss Mercedes Morr, was found dead at her Richmond, Texas home. Along with her body was another fatality which was Kevin Alexander Accorto.

Her father was the one who found the two. He described what he uncovered in a formal statement. “I walk in and Janae’s on the floor, and her clothes are all torn up and stuff,” Mark Gagneir explained. “I go upstairs, guy upstairs with a knife in him, still alive… I just couldn’t do nothing but stand there and call the police.”

According to local police authorities the scene of the crime was a bizarre one as the killer apparently wrote disturbing messages all of the residence with lipstick. Prior to the tragedy Jenae felt that she was being stalked and communicated her concerns to her family. “She’s very cautious about her surroundings,” her mother said. “Unfortunately, someone basically was stalking, and killed my baby.

Given her huge popularity online her passing was met sharp criticism from some folks who thought she got what she asked for. The negative commentary landed on Cardi B’s and she gathered all the trolls in signature fashion. “So sad and f** you b****es and Nikkas trying to justify it cause of her lifestyle,” Cardi wrote on her Instagram Story. “Ya will hate on a bad b*tch dead or alive. She was a sweetheart,” she added.

The double homicide is still under investigation.