Hip-Hop has always been an art from used to convey the plight of the downtrodden, but in this new century of political uncertainty accentuated by spurts of debauchery, it has taken a new life that loosely resembles its humble beginnings.

The Young Cons, a duo of Dartmouth graduates that decided to wield the mic in an attempt to further the right-wing agenda, are a perfect example of this new Hip-Hop “sub-genre.”

“Serious C” and “Stiltz” reside within the upper echelon of conservative rappers with no competition in sight. But adding credence to the old adage, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” the horrendous rapping tandem will not be alone for long.

Displaying the “skills” that will never pay the any form of bills is an anonymous rhyme-sayer whom has yet to be named.

Weilding lyrics such as “USA not USSR, we need more Anne Coulter and less Bill Maher” and “forget global warming, just look at the weather,” one could easily see how this nameless rapper whipped a fringe audience determined to spread nothing less than utter lunacy into an excitement-laden stupor.

It’s not enough to ask these misguided citizens to take a long walk off of a short peer, so I will just post the video of their dreadful performance. By the way, look closely at the screen inside the video as this “brother” shows where his colors truly lie.

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