Teen Who Killed Parents With Hammer Then Threw Party Blames Rap Music

Tyler Hadley knew that murdering his parents was going to result in a prison sentence that he planned to skip.

The 17-year-old’s best friend, Michael Mandell claims Hadley confessed to the crimes and told him he was possessed by the devil and had taken three ecstasy tablets and wanted to commit suicide if he was caught.

He also allegedly told his pal he did it because of a combination of rap music, constant fights with his parents and the fact they had financial problems.


Mandell stated, “He asked me to stay there until after everyone left to see them and I didn’t want to. I went in there and checked for myself. I opened the door. I saw bloody sheets piled everywhere. I saw broken pictures with blood on them and I looked down and I saw his dad’s leg there.

Authorities believe the Hadleys were not killed where they were found and another motive was that he was not allowed to throw a party.

Maybe he figured he could relieve them of their money issues and resolve beef with them by ending their lives. No specific rap song was cited as the cause of the killing but look at the footage below.

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