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Anti-Masker Punched

Source: @farleftkyle / Twitter

Even with all the proof and research that shows that wearing a mask can actually help prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus, millions of Americans still refuse to have their “rights taken away” (thanks Trump). Anti-maskers have made it a habit to meltdown whenever asked to wear a mask whenever entering certain establishments, and there are consequences.

Recently one anti-masker found out the hard way that people have grown tired of the anti-mask movement and their perceived privilege when he got punched out at a diner for railing against the mask mandate of the eatery. According to Raw Story the angry would-be customer threw a tirade at a staffer after being refused service for not complying with the mask policy and told her to “go f*ck yourself” before declaring “You’re going to f*ck your restaurant up” for what he calls discrimination against the unmasked.

After a few patrons intervened to calm things down, the angry mask hater pushed an older man for getting involved before someone came from left field and laid him out with a one-hitter quitter. The anti-masker immediately got up and called the punch an “assault” before exiting the diner on his own.

Unfortunately this has been the scene all across America as many feel that mask and vaccine mandates aren’t fair and they should be allowed to do as they please as if the pandemic is finally over. It isn’t. Even vaccinated people can contract and spread the deadly virus in rare cases. Still, the anti-mask and anti-vaccine crowd refuse to think about anyone other than themselves and have been filmed stirring up all kinds of drama whenever asked to comply with establishment policies.

Just last Sunday anti-vaccine protestors (weirdly complied of Black Lives Matter, Don’t Tread On Me, and Make America Great Again members) tried to storm the Barclays Center in Brooklyn insurrection style in support of Kyrie Irving who’s not been allowed to join his Brooklyn Nets team until he gets vaccinated. While we’re sure most of the MAGA and DTOM crowd wouldn’t recognize Kyrie if he was standing next to them, they saw an opportunity to further divide and cause chaos for their views and took it.

Unfortunately, you can expect to see more of this f*ckery in the coming future as it doesn’t seem these mandates are going to be lifted anytime soon.