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Damon Dash's Birthday Party - May 4, 2004

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After more than a decade, and change, of a weird animosity between the two one-time close friends, it seems like Jay-Z and Dame Dash may well be on the road to reconciliation (thank goodness!).

Page Six is reporting that Dame Dash is willing to bury the hatchet with Jay-Z after Jay surprisingly thanked Dame in his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction speech saying, “I know we don’t see eye-to-eye, but I can never erase your accomplishments. And I appreciate you and I thank you for that.”

Page Six reached out to Dame over the surprising acknowledgment and not only was Dash appreciative of the kind words, but also seemed inclined to have a heart-to-heart with Jay so long as it’s just the two of them.

“It was beautiful,” Dash told Page Six, admitting he was surprised to hear his one-time friend mention him. “I’m glad he said it for the culture. We need to squash everything. So hopefully if that was an extended [olive branch] I’ll spin one back.”

“I have no beef with [him] if [he has] no beef with me,” he added, “Let’s get the lawyers out of it then. Let’s talk like men, but I definitely appreciate it.”

The lawyers that Dame is referring to are the attorneys that are representing the two men over the NFT sale of Jay-Z’s classic debut album, Reasonable Doubt, that Dame Dash attempted to make earlier this year. But that was just one of the few legal dustups Jay and Dame have had over the past decade which have been tied to their Roc-A-Fella glory days. Dame for one hates that their relationship has had to go through the legal process to get things resolved and would’ve preferred they handle everything on a personal level.

“I would never want you to think that we have to go to the court to resolve anything,” he added, “We can talk it out and the culture needs to see two strong black men working out a problem. Even if they worked together they can go their separate ways they can still be cool.”

Dame Dash even offered his two cents on Jay’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame saying “That means I’m in the Hall of Fame,” adding, “Whether we cool or not, him getting in the Hall of Fame is major. So congratulations to us, congratulations to him and thank you [to him] for keep working so hard to where he got to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Anything he can do to make me great, so thank you for even continuing to strive. He keeps my name alive.”

Crossing our fingers that Jay and Dame team up for some kind of dope venture in the coming future. The culture could definitely use that power team to come together once again and produce some dope Hip-Hop related ish.