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Styles P x Full Size Run

Source: Sole Collector / Complex

Being a sneakerhead (not to be confused with a sneaker reseller) can at times be a headache and heartbreaking one way or another. The LOX rapper Styles P‘s experience with the sneaker culture has been no different.

In an interview with Full Size Run podcast, Styles Pinero went into detail about how sneaker collecting not only influenced his street life, but also went into the various aspects of the sneaker culture and how it ruined his life. Talking about how his mother wasn’t trying to pay $100 for a pair of sneakers, Styles bluntly stated, “I sold crack to be able to buy sneakers,” as he always wanted to keep his feet fresh whenever stomping through the streets of Yonkers.

While we assume he meant Nike sneakers, y’all know many a Timberland boots were also purchased with that street pharmacist money.

As for how the sneaker game “ruined his life,” Pinero revealed that collecting kicks had become a “horrible addiction” for him and being that he was already a weedhead, he had to reprioritize his vices. So a few years ago he made a life changing decision and naturally weed came first apparently. That being said, Styles said he’s never resold his sneakers, but has given away thousands of pairs of his collection.

Imagine how much money he missed out on just giving those pairs away.

Check out the full interview below and hear some more thoughts and gems from Styles P on the sneaker game including not crossing brands like Nike and Adidas on his person. Yeah, we feel him on that.