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Yesterday afternoon reports of a Foxy Brown sex tape started coming out. The tape is tentatively titled Superhead was allegedly leaked. Some speculate this is a marketing tool and who can blame them for their cynicism? Most people who weren’t socialites didn’t know or care about Paris Hilton before her tape? Or pics of Vanessa Hudgens and Megan Fox surfacing just before a major project was going to come out.

But Foxy’s album isn’t scheduled to come out till the end of the year and she is supposed to be laying low for now. The clip is already all over the net and I guess it was considered fair game for fellow Brooklyn rapper Maino to comment on.

He called her a “washed up bi**h” and said, “I predicted it” via Twitter.

Some suggest Maino is working with 50 on this one and that’s why he went in so hard on Foxy.

The woman in the video looks a lot like Foxy and the man is unidentified. We will get more info to you about his as more info becomes available about FoxyMaino-gate.