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Coco Says Kim Kardashian Should Sleep With Kris Humphries

Ice-T’s voluptuous wife Coco is offering words of advice to Kim Kardashian as she prepares for her wedding to Kris Humphries.

Coco who recently renewed her vows with her rapping/acting husband checked in with E! to speak on her fellow reality TV star and offer her encouragement as she prepares for matrimony.

According to Coco, Kim shouldn’t wait until she’s married to “seal the deal”, instead she needs to sleep with Humphries immediately to see if they’re sexually compatible.


“You gotta live together and you have to sleep together [before the wedding.] If you don’t sleep together, what if you’re not compatible in bed or you don’t like what they do?”
Coco also gave her opinion on the type of dress Kim should wear for her special day.
According to Coco she downplayed her “assets” for round two of her nuptials to Ice, but thinks Kim should go for one that shows “the outline of her booty.”
“I wanted a big Cinderella dress to cover my booty, so I kind of emphasized my boobs,” she said. “With her, I think she should go Victorian and have an A-line so she can still see the outline of her booty. Whatever she picks, it’s gonna be awesome because she has style and she knows how to show off her curves.”
Do you think Coco’s giving Kim sound advice?
Check out some of her hottest pictures below.

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