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Machine Gun Kelly Doesn’t Condone V-Nasty Using The N-Word

Here’s a white rapper with some sense…

In a recent interview with, Bad Boy’s newest signee Machine Gun Kelly spoke about using the N-Word and made it clear that using the racial slang where he’s from is unacceptable.

“It’s a wrap on me using that word,” MGK said to XXL.

“Not where I’m from. Fawk that. I love my hood stripes.

“I wear my hood stripes proud. I don’t want them taken from me.

“[The] only N-word I’m using is ninjas and napalm, nasal spray, narcissist, nipples.

“Those are the N-words I’m using. Areola is my favorite N-word.”

The Cleveland rapper continued to distance himself for white rappers who using the word, not condoning Bay Area rapper V-Nasty usage of the N-Word, who has been adamant in her use of the word.

“My daughter’s black, too,” MGK said.

“My whole team, with the exception of one of my managers, is black.

“It’s a subject you just kinda grow up and respect. I can joke all I want to. I wouldn’t touch that Shyte, though.

“I used to get jumped a lot and I wasn’t dropping any type of N-word,” he added.

“I can’t really speak on anyone else’s situation. I don’t know [V-Nasty].

“I know a lot of people who do use it. They just grew up in that type of Isht where I guess it was cool.”