Being deemed the hardest working rapper out right now, Lil Wayne was able to take some time out to relax as he celebrated his 27th birthday this weekend.

Somewhat following in the footsteps of Jay, his age has shown Wayne taking more chances and stepping outside the box. If Rebirth isn’t an indication, his recent work with Madonna shows his passion for music and not just Hip-Hop.

The rapper-eater has already worked with his mentor in rap, Jay-Z, on many occasions, but he has also always spoken on wanting to work with Eminem. He even went as far as to challenge the Detroit MC to get on a track with him as if he was afraid to see what would happen.

That day finally came, somewhat, when the two jumped on Drake’s “Forever” track with Kanye West. This isn’t enough for Weezy though as he stated that the cut doesn’t really count as the collaboration he has been looking for.

Speaking with DJ Drama on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, the mixtape monster opened up on his dream collab potentially coming true.

“That don’t officially count because I wanted a record with just me and Em. He got on the record for Lebron, not Lil Wayne. We still looking for that one right there.”

He also took time out to speak on the big homie, Jay, as he gave his reaction to the Brooklyn rapper’s latest project The Blueprint III.

“I love Hov for that and I love everything that Hov do, as I always have. He’s still my role model, my idol. Rappers need to understand that Hov is certifying for us to do it for a long time. That’s what that means. When you see someone, and I’m not talking about age, on the level of his success he’s at, he literally doesn’t have to do any of this anymore…That man has multiple enterprises and he doesn’t have to do it at all and he still does it to perfection. I think we all should respect him for that and I know I do. Hats off.”

With legal issues finally behind them, Drama and Wayne even spoke on continuing The Dedication series where Weezy simply stated he was waiting on the green light.

“You know Dedication 4 got to set up Carter 4.”

With the flood of mixtapes coming in, the reigning champ added that it might be time for him to release another, outside of The Dedication, for the fans. Knowing his work ethic, he stated that it could be out as soon as week. Be on the lookout.

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