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Melyssa Ford on Drink Champs

Source: YoouTube / Revolt

For those that don’t remember, back in the early 2000’s, Melyssa Ford was thee video vixen to have in your music video as men just couldn’t get enough of her Jessica Rabbit-ish physical degree.

While there have been rumors linking her to a few famous music artists over the years, NORE asked Ford specifically about her relationship with her fellow Canadian, Drake. As spotted on Madame Noire, although Ford played coy about the rumor, Nore bluntly stated “Drake ate the a$$, let’s keep it real.”

Despite Ford making a facial expression and licking her lips somewhat teasing that it was true, she responded to the statement saying, “Here’s the thing, you’ll never have full confirmation as to what actually transpired… but that’s an assumption on your part. It really is.”

After explaining that both she and Drizzy were Scorpios, Nore once again pressed Melyssa by stating they “smashed” only for Ford to shoot that down by responding, “No, actually we did not.” Still, even though she claims they’ve never gotten physical in their relationship, Drake still holds a place near and dear in her heart. “I cannot lie and say part of the attraction with him is how smart and cerebral and Canadian he was. We spoke the same non-verbal language,” Melyssa said. “And we’re both half-Black and half-white. There was an unspoken language, and I really, truly f**kin adored him!”


She went on to admit she had a “disgusting crush” on Al B. Sure!, but that’s a conversation for another day. The only man to captivate women with a unibrow in the history of the game. As for why she never publicly (or secretly) dated a famous rapper, Melyssa says it was because she didn’t want her name associated with someone else and have that overshadow her own talents that she was trying to establish on her own terms. We can respect that.

Check out the segment below and let us know if you think Melyssa Ford is telling the truth or whether she’s fronting in the comments section below. Watch the full interview, that includes Monie Love, right here.