Even though Cam’ron says he has matured he is the last rapper you want to play with. Killa has refused Melyssa Ford’s apology and dissed her in one fell swoop.


She went on to admit she had a "disgusting crush" on Al B. Sure!, but that's a conversation for another day. The only man to captivate women with a unibrow in the history of the game.


Drake has long been considered one of the entertainment biz’s top “snipers” when it comes to catching the top baddies of the day, and early in his career, he was doing a little too much. It has since come out that Drizzy was doing the double-dip after concurrently both Melyssa Ford and Toccara Jones at […]


Melyssa Ford might not be a name familiar to anyone under the age of 25 but for a time, she was among one of the most sought-after video vixens of her era. After cucumber intercourse expert Alexis Skyy said she paved the way for “these bitches” recently, Ford had to let the youngins know who […]


Back in June, Melyssa Ford suffered a near-fatal car accident when an 18-wheeler crashed into her Jeep in L.A., causing it to flip three times. While Ford survived, as she was wearing her seatbelt, she fractured her skull and has spent the last few months trying to recuperate.


Melyssa Ford was in a violent car accident and has suffered severe injuries. Fortunately, the model and co-host of Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored was wearing her seatbelt. 


At least one cast member of Blood, Sweat & Heels is about that life. Reportedly, Geneva Thomas cracked former video vixen Melyssa Ford over the head with a bottle last night (October 21), sending her to the hospital. 

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Confucius says, “hoes be winning,” but you’d never know it based on this list of video vixens who have as many rings as Kevin Durant; that would be none.

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Melyssa Ford is just like all of us. Well, not really since was once the highest paid video model in the music industry. But, she is among the common folk in that she was once “catfished” just like so many of you Internet players are unwilling to admit.

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Busty, beautiful, and bootylicious are just a few descriptors that we can use for these notorious video vixens you should check out.

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Today, Maxim magazine revealed their new cover featuring Danielle “Topanga Lawrence-Matthews” Fishel, the star of Girl Meets World.

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‘Tis the season, family. It’s Christmas Eve and aside from the gifts, holiday cheer and everything that comes with this time of the year, we love the holiday spirit.