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Today, Maxim magazine revealed their new cover featuring Danielle “Topanga Lawrence-Matthews” Fishel, the star of Girl Meets World.

80s and early 90s babies will remember Fishel from her original role as the apple of Cory Matthews eye on the hit-sitcom, Boy Meets World. To many readers surprise, Topanga hasn’t fallen off in the least bit. In fact, she looks to have aged more like a fine wine and not stale bread.

This got the folks at Hip-Hop Wired thinking about how our favorite women from back in the day don’t always age as gracefully as we would like them to. Who can forget Lark “Lisa Turtle” Voorhies memorable run from unstoppable banger to a giant glass of “what the hell happened?”

Thankfully, we can’t say that about the next twelve beautiful women who cruised into hotness without swerving off of the road. From out most memorable sitcom stars to the iconic video vixens from classic music videos, we take a look at the women who never fell off.

Take a look at the twelve that can still get it after the jump.

Photo: Maxim

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