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Busty, beautiful, and bootylicious are just a few descriptors that we can use for these notorious video vixens you should check out.

Rap videos are an adventurous way to create celebrity when no one was even looking, until the visual dropped. B

esides the hangers-on, the director and, of course, the star rapper and his crew, the buxom bad girls are equally trying to eat up that shine time. Given the right placement, outfit and close-up these video models can instantly become household names and grace centerfolds around the country.

The ladies we’ve chosen have gone into the world of acting, garnered endorsement deals, and become entrepreneurs over the course of a decade-plus. While others have came-and-gone without much hoopla, allow us to present The 15 Most Notorious Video Vixens from 2000 to today.

Photo: Tumblr

We start off with one of the bustiest beauties in the game, Ms. “Shake Ya Tailfeather”:

Esther Baxter

The “Freek-a-Leek” beauty stunned the game with her two fully equipped airbags of awesomeness.

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