The tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle remains one of the more shocking instances to occur within the Hip-Hop community in years, and his partner Lauren London is holding strong as she’s able. Rumors of London dating Diddy began to surface after the mogul posted a photo featuring the pair but she quickly shut down the […]

For its new “Forever Stronger” campaign, PUMA enlisted Lauren London to be the face of it. The announcement of the brand’s latest project was accompanied by a powerful video that features the actress paying tribute to her late boyfriend, rapper/entrepreneur/philanthropist Nipsey Hussle who was gunned down in front of Marathon Clothing store.

In the months since the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle, the family has taken steps to make sure that the legacy of the rapper remains intact. Given Nip’s many business holdings, there is a lot at stake and Lauren London is making sure their son, Kross, will benefit from his late father’s efforts.

Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will live on through Lauren London forever. She now has an exquisite piece to keep his memory close to heart.

Kodak Black has been itching for the fade for a minute now and was close to catching knuckles from Young M.A. with his unnecessary and extremely uncomfortable flirting. Now, the walking crusty elbow made a pass at the grieving Lauren London and a Los Angeles station is no longer playing the Florida rapper’s music.


The news of Nipsey Hussle’s death this past Sunday sent a shockwave throughout the Hip-Hop culture and while family, friends, and peers expressed their condolences and dismay in the days following the tragic event, Nipsey’s wifey, actress Lauren London had remained silent. Until yesterday.


Love is a farce. At least that’s what some fans of couple Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London might be thinking since they have reportedly broken up.

Confucius says, “hoes be winning,” but you’d never know it based on this list of video vixens who have as many rings as Kevin Durant; that would be none.

While your favorite rapper was out being a hooligan for YouTube clicks, Nipsey Hussle was literally enjoying the finer things in life on the evening of February 24 as he was in attendance for the Maurice Hennessy Tasting Dinner where he sampled the marques of the popular cognac you can’t get just purchase at your […]

Busty, beautiful, and bootylicious are just a few descriptors that we can use for these notorious video vixens you should check out.

Banking and financial services institution Wells Fargo has announced the launch of a new storytelling campaign featuring Talib Kweli and a handful of other celebrities. The rapper serves as one of the curators for the four-part short film series, Untold Stories: Our Inspired History.