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While your favorite rapper was out being a hooligan for YouTube clicks, Nipsey Hussle was literally enjoying the finer things in life on the evening of February 24 as he was in attendance for the Maurice Hennessy Tasting Dinner where he sampled the marques of the popular cognac you can’t get just purchase at your local liquor store.

Neighborhood Nip didn’t appear out his element nor did he try to fancy himself in a three-piece suit for the occasion. He allowed his Crenshaw aesthetic be his leading example and the night proved successful for it. Especially when there is the rare Hennessy X.O, Paradis to be had.

Maurice Hennessy is currently the Global Brand Ambassador for Hennessy and he is an 8th generation family member trustees who have carried on the storied lineage of being a premium tastemaker to continue on the proud tradition of the alcoholic beverage. Joined by his own global brand ambassador Karen Civil, actress Lauren London, Hennessy West Coast Marketing Manager Thuy-Anh J. Nguyen and The Game actor Jay Ellis, Nipsey rubbed elbows with Mr. Hennessy and gave him a crash course in LA Hip-Hop culture; trying to teach him how to throw up a few signs to represent his set in the process.

Top Dawg Entertainment’s Anthony “President Punch” Henderson was also seated at the table raising the proverbial Black fist–with blatant disregard for black tie; draped in his label’s TDE gear.

Hip-Hop’s relationship with Hennessy has always been a unique one, as rappers such as Mobb Deep and Mac Dre have been slipping references of enjoying the drink in their lyrics for years. Falling in line with the brand’s distinguished gentleman image, rap artists such as Rakim, Missy Elliott and most recently Nas have all jumped on board to carry out campaigns.

Check out pics of the event in the gallery where the private party sipped on $2,700 cognac. Very luxurious.

Photo: Hennessy

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