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Kobe Bryant Denies Hurting Young Man At Church In San Diego

If millionaire NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant lays a hand on you, even in church, you should not only feign injury but thank the Heavens for your payday.

20-year-old Thomas Hagos is going to try his best to push the fact that Kobe Bryant hurt his wrist snatching a cellphone out of his hand at St. Therese of Carmel Church service in San Diego.

Bryant apparently thought the man was taking pictures but when he got the phone there was no evidence and he had to return it. Hagos checked into the hospital with a slight wrist sprain and most likely he’s going to want a bill paid or maybe even some hush money.

“Mr. Bryant is aware of the baseless allegations asserted against him,” said a statement issued by attorney Mark Campbell, “and is prepared to defend against them fully.”

Police will not be able to interview the alleged victim until August 24th and after that they will be able to speak to the L.A. Laker star.