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Sonic Fusion:  Beats By Dre Exapands To Chrysler 300

When it comes to music, the name Dr. Dre is Legendary.   With a career spanning close to 30 years, Dr. Dre is also the epitome of  being Timeless.

A Perfectionist when it comes to production and making sure you hear the full spectrum and frequency of his sound, it was only a matter of time before technology inspired headphones to do the same and of course Dr. Dre was an integral  part of that process as well.

In July 2008, Dr. Dre and music executive Jimmy Iovine released his high-performance brand of headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre,  made by Monster,  which provided the outlet for music lovers to experience the music exactly the way the artist wanted you to.

Beats high definition headphones are precision-engineered to reveal the full sound of today’s digital music including the most sonically demanding Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and R&B.

With an advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and active noise canceling, Beats delivers all the power, clarity and deep bass today’s top artists and producers want you to hear when listening to their classic melodies.

And speaking of Classic, it was only a matter of time before Beats By Dre made its way into one of the premiere American made automobiles that invoke those same qualities of Legendary, Timeless and Perfection.

The 2012 Chrysler 300S is now available and comes equipped with the sound technology of the Beats headphones created by Dr. Dre and co-founder Jimmy Iovine, who worked alongside the Chrysler engineering team to design the 10-speaker audio system.

Take a look and a spin and see what happens when two great powers converge.    Once you take a ride, you won’t be able to live without it.

For More Information On The 2012 The Chrysler 300 With Beats By Dre Sound System:  Click Here

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