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Covid-19 Outbreak In Ecuador

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For some time now, anti-vaxxers have cited the least corroborated “science” in suggesting herd immunity and intentionally infecting oneself with COVID-19 as viable alternatives to getting the shot despite all the leading immunologists and health experts saying they aren’t. Unfortunately, denying science in the name of being anti-authoritarian isn’t just an American thing—it’s a global phenomenon.

It’s even more unfortunate that the misguided efforts of the self-infected have cost a beloved folk singer in the Czech Republic her life.

57-year-old Hana Horka, who sings lead with her band Asonance, died Sunday after deliberately infecting herself with COVID, according to what her son, Jan Rek, told BBC News.

Rek said his mother was infested during the time he and his father had both contracted the virus over the Christmas holiday.

“She should have isolated for a week because we tested positive. But she was with us the whole time,” he said.

According to BBC, “Proof of vaccination or recent infection from the virus is required in the Czech Republic to gain entry to many social and cultural venues, including cinemas, bars and cafes.” So Horka wanted to get infected in order to travel and tour with her band unrestricted. (Which demonstrates one of the numerous reasons why allowing proof of a recent infection in lieu of proof of vaccination is a bad idea.)

Horka reportedly posted to social media previously that she had tested positive but she’s recovering, boasting that after her recovery is complete, “there will be theatre, sauna, a concert.” She died two days later.

Listen to the experts, good people—and not just the ones you cherry-picked during your “research” because they were saying what you already wanted to believe. 

COVID may not be going away anytime soon, but dying from it, in most cases, is preventable—but you gotta trust science.