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Is There War Of Words Between Kid Cudi & Machine Gun Kelly?

A tweet and a tumblr post 15 hours ago seem to allude to a possible twitter beef going down between Machine Gun Kelly and Kid Cudi, and it’s all over who stole who’s swagger.  As you know, the rap game has always been known for its innovators just as much as its clones and its clones.

Those original enough to come up with something and strike success will inevitably be bitten by the masses. The current beef between Cleveland’s king wizard and Machine Gun Kelly is over who originally started the #Rager movement.  Cudi insists that the lifestyle was started by him and believes it so much that he feel s some trademarking is in order. His Tumblr posts states:

“There’s only one original Rager, and that’s me. I started this ‘rage’ Isht. The lifestyle, the term, the whole new meaning and definition of the word. Understand and be clear, I AM THE RAGER, I AM FOREVER. When you hear ANYONE talking bout ‘rage’ or ‘raging’, know where that Shyte originated. Guess ima have to do some trademarkin’. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. WE LIVE THIS SH%T!”

The other side of this beef boasts a newly signed Machine Gun Kelly with bragging rights in plain sight within his twitter description. “Pro-Power #RAGER” Within the same hour as Cudi’s tweet we saw a tweet from MGK that many of his followers deemed as a shot at Cudda.

“If i was you, i’d hate me too…you jealous mufu&ka. 216 what up. EST what up. Lace the fu%k up.”

What do you think? Whether it was or not, I think rappers should learn to chill until they hear their name called. Either that or it’s a great way to keep promoting each other’s projects.  Speaking of artists biting one another, who started the shoe lace logo? Wale or MGK? Does it really matter?