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Boy Wears Skirt To School, Suspended

A Georgia high school student has been placed on 10-day suspension and is facing possible criminal charges for wearing a skirt to school.

Eric Bivens, a senior at Coffee High school, wore a skirt to school for spirit day last Thursday. After being asked to remove the skirt – which he did – Bivens later put it back on and was later suspended by school administrators.

Officials say the reason for the suspension is not a dress code violation, but rather a defiance of school officials.

“That is not my judgement of girls wearing boys clothes, because again this issue was a distraction to learning environment, not dress code,” said Principal Greg Tanner.

Because of Bivens’ discipline history which includes 24 referrals ranging from sexual harassment to disrupting class and being insubordinate to administrators and faculty, he was arrested and charged.

Bivens said the incident could, “Cost me my education, my future.”

Bivens’ return to school is now pending the decision of a tribunal hearing.

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Did the school have a  right to suspend and arrest him?