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'Battlefield 2042' Refund Petition Gets Over 25,000 Signatures

Source: EA / DICE

The fallout for EA’s once-promising shooter, Battlefield 2042, continues.

Battlefield 2042 is still reeling following its launch, thanks in large part to “game-breaking bugs,” lack of content, and other issues. Per Game Informer, gamers who excitedly spent money on the game, well over 25,000 of them are now demanding a refund. A description for the Battlefield 2042 refund petition reads as follows:

According to many consumer reports, Electronic Arts and DICE did not keep many promises made at launch, and Battlefield 2042 was launched as unplayable. Even today, Battlefield 2042 has bugs that drastically change the in-game experience so much that it’s deemed an unfinished release by many community members. In fact, Battlefield 2042 was so poorly made that even Steam, a highly reputable provider of PC video games, allows customers to get a full refund.

Signing this petition will get you one step closer to getting a refund on Battlefield 2042. Suppose this petition receives 50K signatures or more. In that case, one of the best class-action lawsuit lawyers in the country is willing to take our case against EA.

This troubling news comes following reports of EA being “very disappointed” after Battlefield 2042 flopped hard and the fallout following claims that DICE is intending to make Battlefield 2042 free-to-play. We expect the game to get better over time, but will it be too late?

If DICE goes the free-to-play route with Battlefield 2042, that should salvage the game, but this is just another case of a broken game hitting the market like Cyberpunk 2077.

Photo: EA / DICE