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T Pain is trying his best to get assimilated back in the rap game after having his image tarnished with his “f&%k Jay-Z” alcohol induced rant. As previously reported, the auto-tune aristocrat was offended by Jay Z’s diss to the one thing that’s made him famous, auto-tune. He spoke out against Jay saying:

Jay-Z is 59 years-old so I don’t think he has the right to say what’s good and what’s not. I mean if anybody’s dead, it should be him.  That’s just me.  Now I just want to clarify, if there are any Jay-Z fans in the house, excuse the f^$k out of me.  But you don’t hear me saying that rap is dead.  Even though it is because apparently all the rappers are trying to do T-Pain.”

Now Pain is changing his tune and playing nice. Reeling from the verbal assaults being taken at him since the incident, he’s dropped a song over the beat of Drake’s “Successful” and features a full-fledged apology to the big man from Brooklyn.

The chorus sets the mood for the upcoming apology with Teddy Pain singing:

“I got the money, the money, and the cars, the cars and the clothes, and unless I wanna let it all go, I just gotta be, I just gotta be more careful. “

Things get especially interesting in the third verse when he finally addresses the real reason behind the song:

“Alright, so let’s talk about the Jay Shyte. Some days I wish that I ain’ t never say Shyte and Diddy said ain’t no excuse for what I did but I felt like he was knocking the same Shyte that feeds my kids.

I do music because I need it to make my world spin. So when you down it it’s like you dissing my girlfriend. And Jay one of the only ni**as out here bringing it, so I didn’t think he would even entertain the Shyte. Cuz entertainment is see through but if you really feel like I’m dead, then ni**a me too. I ain’t tryin to write your rhymes but you coulda skipped one DJ and all you had to say was, “T-pain, we cool.”

But by all means, don’t take this as a diss or hatin’, I just wanna explain my side of the situation, so if you knew just how much respect that I had, you’d know I’m a real ni**a when I say, “My bad.”

Pain also addresses all the people taking shots at his “regular” wife. Right.

Listen to the full song here: