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Although scoring #1 hits that make clubs go crazy edges the top of T-Pain’s reputation, his name is equally–if not more–synonymous with bringing Auto-Tune credibility and awareness to a new generation.

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Future set out to make his mark in 2013, and so far he’s showed and proved by dropping, penning, and crooning on some of the biggest records of the year. This alone made a great candidate to sit in the hot seat on this week’s episode of Life+Times’ series The Roundup, hosted by veteran journalist Shaheem […]

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In an event you can’t say you didn’t see coming, T-Pain took to Instagram to take a few shots at Epic Records recording artist, Future. 

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Nappy Boy CEO and Konvict artist, T-Pain, has decided to ditch auto-tune, not to please fans but to give praise. T-Pain announced in an interview with MySpace Music that his fifth studio album which will be released after “RevolveR” will be a Christian pop album. “A lot of people don’t know this about me,” he […]

In the effort to provide Haiti with relief, the U.S. has been trying to do its part to provide support to those in dire need within the country. Coming together to remake the classic “We Are The World”, Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie pulled together a slew of artists to remake the magic first created […]

Now, when Jay-Z stated that the technology of Auto Tune was becoming a joke with Wendy’s using it in their commercials, it was becoming evident that the T-Pain effect was being overdone by rappers. The Shyte has officially hit the fan with this one though, as Flavor Flav, of Public Enemy, makes sure to get […]

T Pain is trying his best to get assimilated back in the rap game after having his image tarnished with his “f&%k Jay-Z” alcohol induced rant. As previously reported, the auto-tune aristocrat was offended by Jay Z’s diss to the one thing that’s made him famous, auto-tune. He spoke out against Jay saying: