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Although scoring #1 hits that make clubs go crazy edges the top of T-Pain’s reputation, his name is equally–if not more–synonymous with bringing Auto-Tune credibility and awareness to a new generation.

Ironically, it’s a category that the rapper-turnt-sanga–turnt rapper again (for the most part) feels he gets undermined in. With the radio spins of his recent B.o.B-assisted hit “Up Down (Do This All Day)” multiplying by the day, Teddy Pain check in with Hip-Hop Wired to clarify his stance on fellow artists (most likely, a recently engaged one) using Auto-Tune and the contributions he’s made.

“I don’t think I get enough credit for anything I do,” the Grammy Award-winner tells Hip-Hop Wired. “Only the people who are around me when I record a song knows what it took…to make the song! I can’t say like, ‘Ah, this song is dope. You don’t know how much harmony I had to do to make this all that,’ so I’m never going to get credit for any of that.”

T-Pain is also quick to point out that he feels he’s the only Hip-Hop artist who performs without the vocal alternator. There’s a debate for another day.

Not that there is any bitterness spewing from his tongue. When your résumé boasts more #1 songs in a year than The Beatles had in their entire career, it’s hard not to see the glass half-full side of things.

“I wake up [everyday] knowing I changed the world,” he continues. “I changed the world; I changed the sound of music–in all genres! Tim McGraw just dropped an Auto-Tune song and he’s a country artist!”

Check out T-Pain’s thought process in the exclusive clip below and grab his new single on iTunes now.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired