2 USC Students Shot Over Stolen Dr. Dre Beats Headphones

We knew Dr. Dre’s fancy headphones were expensive but shooting someone for a pair seems a bit extreme.

USC students were throwing an off-campus party when a student noticed his Dr. Dre Beats headphones were missing. He spotted a suspect with the headphones and confronted him.

When the student’s friends stepped in to help, the suspect pulled out a small caliber handgun shooting both. Police say one bullet hit a female graduate student’s hand and then struck a USC junior in the chest. “The round she took to the finger slowed down the impact of the bullet entering the male victim’s chest and most likely saved his life,” said Captain Melissa Zak.

The suspects were not invited and were not students. They were however in need of some new headphones and were out to get them by any means necessary. Police have good leads and believe they will make an arrest soon. Dr. Dre was not available for a comment.

The news brief is below.


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