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Last week Kanye West caught much backlash after releasing the visuals to “Eazy” in which he buried alive a clay version of Pete Davidson aka his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. While many called the video disgusting and disturbing, Ye is calling it artistic therapy (of course).

On Sunday (March 6), Kanye finally responded to the outcry he provoked with the controversial music video and naturally he defended his vision saying “Art is therapy just like this view” and that “art is protected as freedom of speech.”

Well, he’s not wrong but the man has been publicly harassing his ex-wife in an effort to win her back while continuously slandering her new bae, Pete Davidson, even going so far as to allegedly spread the rumor that the guy has AIDS. So when he drops a video in which he basically kills the man he’s been itching to beat up, it’s not going to be received very well by the public.

It got to the point that Pete Davidson quit social media as he was getting bombarded with love from his fans but also hate from Yeezus’ followers. Kim Kardashian even reached out to Kanye and asked him to stop attacking the SNL comedian on social media as she feared one of his crazed fans would attempt to harm him in real life. Kanye posted the texts and almost sarcastically asked his followers not to harm Pete Davidson.

Unfortunately for Kanye, his over the top antics backfired on him as Kim used all these examples as evidence in court to convince a judge that she’d be declared a single woman so she could move on with her life. The Judge agreed and now Kim Kardashian can begin the next chapter in her life. Whether or not Kanye West lets her do so in peace remains to be seen (he probably won’t). Almost feels like a restraining order might come into play at some point whether it comes from Kim or Pete.

Do y’all think Kanye West went overboard in his latest visuals to “Eazy” or was it in his words, art? Let us know in the comments section below.