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The Batman

Source: Jonathan Olley™ & © DC Comics / The Batman

Much to the surprise of many, Matt Reeves reboot of The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader was a hit amongst Dark Knight enthusiasts. As a treat to fans of his film, Reeves released a deleted scene featuring Batman talking one-on-one with the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker.

Originally, The Joker (played by Barry Keoghan) was relegated to a small cameo at the end of the film, but in this deleted scene it seems like he and Batman already share some kind of history as the Bat goes to him for information on The Riddler. Coming off as a Silence of The Lambs moment between Jodi Foster and Anthony Hopkins, The Batman travels down to Arkham Asylum to get some insight on The Riddler’s mindset when a facially deformed Joker tells him “Almost our anniversary, isn’t it?”

Seems like this is a relationship that will be revisited in The Batman 2 whenever that goes into production.

After Bats shows him some evidence of The Riddler’s violent actions, The Joker naturally assumes “He likes those puzzles, doesn’t he?” before saying “I know who he is.” Playing around the man’s identity, the Batman asks why The Riddler’s singled him out to which the Joker responds “Maybe he’s a fan of yours? Or maybe he’s got a grudge against you, too. Maybe you’re the main course.”

After a little more convo The Joker seemingly pulls Batman’s card by saying “I think somewhere, deep down, you’re just terrified, because you’re not sure he’s wrong… You think they deserved it,” before bursting out into his signature laughter.

Overall it was a pretty cool scene that could’ve been in the film but we’re not entirely happy with the casting of The Joker. He seems “Meh” at best. But to be fair we weren’t happy with the casting of Twilight Boy as The Batman and he did his thing in the film, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Barry Keoghan can live up to the previous iterations of The Joker when the time comes.

Check out the deleted scene below and let us know your thoughts on the scene.