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R-Kelly Unveils New Single And Album Title

Just when you’re girl/man starting sleeping on you, and thought you couldn’t bring any more spontaneity to the bedroom, R-Kelly announces that he has renamed the sequel to his baby making classic 12 Play.

During an interview with WGCI Chicago’s “Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot” radio show, The Pied Piper announced that Black Panties would be the title of his 11th studio album.

“I’m on Mission Benjamin thinking, ‘Well, that’s the direction he going now.’ No, that was a moment in time. Now this Black Panties album…”

Kelly has nicknamed the album the “new 12 play” and revealed that the first single is called “10 Minutes.”

This project has gone through two previous name changes, including Zodiac and most recently The Return of 12 Play: Night of the Living Dead.

“I think it’ll be an R&B-like thriller album, if you will,” he previously told Interview magazine.

The King of R&B  also spoke about his recent trip to Africa and which young R&B stars he sees as his successors.

Peep the video below.