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Xbox Series X Consoles Available On Amazon & Walmart Websites

Source: Bernard Smalls / @BeanzGotGamez

Is this a sign that the world is beginning to heal? The once elusive Xbox Series X is now readily available. No, we’re not kidding.

Since its launch, the Xbox Series X has been extremely hard to get, immediately selling out when stock hits websites like Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, or Amazon. That was until Friday (Apr.1). If you head over to Amazon or Walmart, you will be surprised to see the console is still IN STOCK, and yes, at its retail price of $499 (Amazon) and $646.25 (Walmart). 

We have hit the refresh button many times to see if the “in stock” changes to “out of stock,” and much to our surprise, it has not yet changed. This is a huge development, being that the system has been very difficult to obtain due to it being limited in supply thanks to the global chip shortage and supply chain issues. It didn’t help scalpers were gobbling up consoles to throw on resale websites and are more than likely sitting on a full stock of their overpriced consoles.

This marks the first time this has been the case for the Xbox Series X. The “lesser-powered” console, Xbox Series S, hasn’t been as hard to find. You can pick one up right now at Best Buy.

We urge you to move fast. We have no clue how long this will be the case. If you have been searching for an Xbox Series X, now is your time to scoop one up. Unfortunately, the PS5 remains elusive, but that could change as well.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @BeanzGotGamez