Xbox Series S

The culture wars are now coming to the world of video games. The MAGA nuts are now saying the libs are coming for your kids Xbox consoles.

When Microsoft first announced the Xbox Series S, the idea of a mid-tier, affordable, next-gen console sounded good to gamers, but could it also be slowing down the development of next-gen games? Some developers believe that is the case.

Verizon and Microsoft are teaming up to get next-gen Xbox consoles in the homes of Verizon customers.

Happy Star Wars Day, and to celebrate, Xbox is giving away custom Xbox Series S consoles that *Jedi mind trick voice* you do want in your collection.

Hey true believers, if you wanted more Marvel-themed Xbox controllers from Razer, we have some good news.

Is this a sign that the world is beginning to heal? The once elusive Xbox Series X is now readily available. No, we're not kidding.

DJ Khaled clearly isn't a gamer, and his most recent Instagram Stories post showed that.