Rick Ross’ GQ Feature

Rick Ross is one of the latest features in GQ’s October issue and in it breaks down his ‘simple lessons’ or keys to his Bawse lifestyle.

In it, we see writer Devin Friedman travel with him in Atlanta to high-end stores, have run-ins with MMG artist Pill and jeweler TV Johnny and even visit a strip club where Ross easily blows $10,000 in one night.

Things got especially interesting however when the GQ writer and Ross’ entourage brought up Anthony Weiner, the congressman who was caught sexting a number of women while in office.

According to Ross that would never happen to him, women send him pictures, not the other way around…one of the rules of ‘The Bawse.’

“Chicks send me pictures,” Ross said. “And I appreciate it! I love all of them. But I don’t do that Isht. I’m the Boss.” He shook his head, his expression hidden behind his candy-apple-red-framed aviator sunglasses. “Real n*ggas don’t send package flicks.”

(Photo credit: Christian Weber/GQ)

To which the writer wrote,

“And in a way Rick Ross was right. Anthony Weiner wanted to live like a boss, though he couldn’t admit it to anyone. And that shame was part of the reason he wasn’t acting like a boss. Anthony Weiner is not a real n*gga, and I think he understands his mistake now.”

Ross also talks his time at the Cannes film festival, his upbringing and even receives a $100,000 watch while GQ’s still on hand.
Click here to check out Ross’ GQ feature in full.

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