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The violence that befell Tasha Hill at a Georgia Cracker Barrel have ignited the flames of change nationally as outside forces are taking actions to make sure that hatred, intolerance, and bigotry are “officially” outlawed in public.

Known for its specific brand of injustice, Cracker Barrel has been a hotbed for racially motivated incidents, with the latest seeing a mother viciously assaulted by a white patron until the point of unconsciousness as her daughter watched.

In response to the assault, the Clayton County Wide Home Owners Association, Inc.,  is now lobbying for new legislation, one that would call for extremely strict punishment for anyone that commit’s a hate-crime.

“No violence is acceptable,” explained Synamon Baldwin, president of the CCWHOA. “Racially motivated violence needs to carry stricter penalties for the greater good of our entire community…We need a definitive law in place that sends a message that this sort of hatred will not be tolerated.”

Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort has been tapped to sponsor the proposed bill, now dubbed the “Cracker Barrel Hate-Crime Bill.”

On a more broad prospective, the Georgia Chapter of the NAACP has decided to enter the racially charged fray by launching their own investigation into the incident.

Spearheaded by Georgia NAACP President Edward DuBose, the move adds substantial pressure to the beleaguered company.

“Cracker Barrel has a proven history of racial intolerance, and this recent incident might very well be an outgrowth of that corporate culture,” said Dubose. “What disturbs me the most is that Cracker Barrel has refused to simply reach out to Ms. Hill in a basic gesture of condolence. How can they ignore this act of brutal racial violence inside their building and pretend to have improved their culture of equality?”

Georgia’s NAACP are also pushing for new hate-crime legislation from state lawmakers while considering a national boycott of the restaurant chain in order for company big wigs to understand the severity of what occurred in one of their stores.

Troy Dale West Jr. has been indicted for the assaulting Tasha Hill while screaming racial slurs at the woman with her daughter present.

The racist bigot is facing an extensive list of charges related to the assault on Ms. Hill as well as others that will deal with any indirect damage occurred.