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Baton Rouge’s finest recently kicked it with Hip-Hop Wired about his latest offering Superbad:  The Return Of Boosie Bad Azz.  While recently hit with a two-year prison stint for drug and gun possession, “Mr. Wipe Me Down” shared with us his plans for the future prior to the sentencing.  Let’s hope Boosie can keep his plan on track when he touches back down.


HipHopWired:   First I just want to start with the label and just tell me what’s going on with Trill Entertainment and everything.


Boosie: We got a movie coming out called Ghetto Stories: The Movie. We got my album Superbad: The Return of Bad Azz.  We just working hard, we just staying ready.


HipHopWired:  Any more details on Ghetto Stories?

Boosie: I don’t really know when it’s coming out right now, we’re at the table talking price, trying to see how I’m going to get paid off it first. It’s a street movie.  You have to really look at it to get the whole run down of it.  It’s about me and Webbie and we gonna be on different sides, but then come back together.  It’s a real street movie.

HipHopWired: You were also talking about your album, you want to give a little more detail on Superbad?

Boosie: You’re going to want to listen to every song on that album. Trina on that album, Bobby V, Jeezy, Birdman……it’s just a classic album.

HipHopWired: Listening to the songs track by track, is it a step above your previous albums or what we have come to expect?

Boosie: Last one was Boosie Bad Azz so this one is Superbad…it’s just another classic album for me that’s basically what I can say. I wanted a double disc.   I begged my CEO for a double disc, but it didn’t go through. It’s still gonna be a hot album.

HipHopWired: Maybe we can get it once you get the Bad A$$ Entertainment going.

Boosie: Oh you get a triple disc and an MP3.


HipHopWired: Alright, one of the tracks you have featured is “You Better Believe It,” which you just did a video.  So do you mind taking some time to break down the concept of the song and the video?


Boosie: The concept is we getting rap money now, we ain’t selling drugs, you better believe it, look at my neck, you better believe it. Anything I’m telling you on the mic, you better believe it, we getting money, that’s basically it.

HipHopWired: As we were speaking on the “Better Believe It” video and you working with Jeezy it was rumored that you basically wanted to collaborate with Jeezy to make a mix tape so can you just tell me a little more about your relationship with you and Jeezy?


Boosie: Jeezy and me are homies.  Whatever I need, he come through, whatever he need me to do, I come through. As far as the mix tape whenever Jeezy gets some time we gonna make it happen. It’s gonna be a hot mix tape.  I just dropped one with Hurricane Chris.  I love working with artists that are gonna make me work. I know what this mixtape will do and if the streets want an album, our labels will sit down at the table and make a 5X platinum album.

HipHopWired: You’ve had songs like” Wipe Me Down” and the “Independent” track and I guess with that you can say you opened up your audience to a large female base. With your new project, are you going to have any more tracks that’s geared towards women?

Boosie: I got a couple tracks for the women on this one, more than the last one.  You got to cater to the women.  If you look at the sources, women buy most of the CDs these days, you got to cater to the women, as you get older you get more romantic than you was.


HipHopWired: Is there any update on what’s going on with Fox and Webbie musically?


Boosie: I don’t really know, I’ve been in the studio all day I don’t know.  I’ve got a label too.  Bad Azz Entertainment.  That just started, we’ve done put out 4 or 5 mix tapes over the last 2 years.

HipHopWired: What was the process behind that, you guys just said you wanted to step away from Trill Entertainment and do your own thing so you came out with Bad A$$ Entertainment?

Boosie: It wasn’t like stepping away, it was just like I got to do my own thing.   I got to be a CEO so I can get all my money now. It was a position knowing I could put other people on and get all my money. Once you get older you got to get business, man.

HipHopWired:  Do you have any artists under the label now?

I have a 16-year-old girl that’s spitting and I have Money Bags, I call them Double Trouble. We’re just working hard and putting out more music than anybody in the streets and that’s why I still have my buzz so hot.

HipHopWired: Any projects upcoming from them?

We got Double Trouble coming out under Money Bags and Quick, we got First Lady of Bad Azz Entertainment, Lady B coming out, we’re just holding those albums for the deal we going to get.


HipHopWired: You said you weren’t really stepping away but how does that feel to have that big role now that you’re the CEO?


Boosie: It makes me step up on things, I’m reading books about the music industry.  It’s making me step up as far as what I’m going to have to demand from my artists, how to use the money the label has given me.  I know I’m ready, I’ve already got the music for it, so, some people get deals and they don’t have the music for it. Once the album is in front of my face I can provide for them. You’ll have to find me again in two years. As far as my label, as far as with Trill I can’t drop like that, I’m not the only one with Trill.  They have other people in my way, so this way I have my own lane.


HipHopWired: What’s the status of, are you still affiliated, do you still associate or talk to the members of Concentration Camp?

Boosie: Yeah, I’m still affiliated with Cee Lo. I went down there and did a couple songs with him, did about 3 songs with him. I might bring him into this label deal with me also, he put me in the game.  We still hook up.

HipHopWired: Do you mind speaking to me briefly about Baton Rouge like, if there’s been any increase in the crime rate and just what’s going on in the streets.

Boosie: It got way worse than it was.  Our murder rate is high.  It’s crazy down here.  It’s a recession, people are hungry man. Our governor, he’s an A$$ hole, he just turned down damn near a bailout for millions of people to get jobs.  W e in a bad predicament, the court system all messed up they throwing people away, it’s crazy.  It’s crazy in Baton Rouge.

HipHipWired: With you having diabetes, has there been any progression with that?  What’s the overall status of your diabetes?

Boosie: I’ve been doing way better.  I haven’t had to be in the hospital for about a year and a half now.  I’ve got take extra medicine.  I could be doing better than I am, but it’s just a process I’m going through.

HipHopWired: Are you still working with Hip Hop Doc?

Boosie: I’m still working with him, he’s still talking care of me doing everything like checking my sugar and just keeping me right.  Doing everything I need him to do.

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