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Godzilla & King Kong Are Coming To 'Call of Duty'

Source: Activision / Call of Duty: Operation Monarch

Yes, this is actually happening. The King of Monsters, Godzilla, and the Great Ape, King Kong, will be coming to Call of Duty, and we are quite excited.

Thursday (Apr.21), Activision Blizzard confirmed the giant rumor that two legendary kaiju would be coming to the world of Call of Duty to wreak havoc on game maps. We never thought we would see the day, but Snoop Dogg, who was just recently added as the latest operator in the popular first-person shooter franchise, will meet King Kong and Godzilla, oh fo shizzle.

Outside of the full CGI teaser revealed, the next update will be called Operation Monarch and features Kong and Godzilla once again duking it out for kaiju supremacy. We have no idea how they will impact online matches when they roar into season 3. It would be a very safe bet to assume that they will affect the game map in some epic way and can be seen putting paws, claws, and feet on each other as you try to take out the competition.

We expect Activision Blizzard to reveal more details about this monstrous update in the coming days. It continues to show that Call of Duty is fully committed to including popular movie titles, with Godzilla vs. Kong being the latest. We already had Rambo, John McClane, Leatherface, and Billy The Puppet join Call of Duty. We are happy to see Kong and Godzilla join the universe.

Call of Duty: Operation Monarch

Source: Activision / Call of Duty: Operation Monarch

Operation Monarch goes live on May 11.

Photo:  Activision / Call of Duty: Operation Monarch