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Pusha T x The Breakfast Club

Source: Revolt / Power 105

Last week a Drake guest verse in which he took some not so subliminal shots at his rival, Pusha T leaked onto the internet and while many speculated that Pusha would once again come for the neck of the King of The North, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be taking that route this time around.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club this morning, Pusha was asked about where he stands with Drake these days given the fact that Drizzy and Kanye are now on “good” terms and Pusha basically stated that he doesn’t want anything to do with Drake saying “Everything I’m doing right now is really purposeful. Like musically, and everything. I know who I wanna deal with and who I wanna work with – I know what this is, and [Drake] just don’t fall in those lines so we don’t have to do this.”

So much for that Pusha T and Drake collaboration that we knew would never happen.

Still, it seems like Drake wasn’t done with Pusha when his verse off of Jack Harlow’s “Have A Turn” in which he used blatant subliminal messages to take shots at Push saying “All I hear is plug talk comin’ from middleman / All I hear is tall tales comin’ from little men / If I see ya’, I spit in ya’ faces, ha-tu / Daytonas with the green faces.”

With Pusha’s 2018 album dubbed Daytona, it wasn’t that hard for fans to decipher who Drake was talking about. Still, Pusha wasn’t phased in the lightest by the surprise attack and when asked by Angela Yee if he’d let Drake slide with his darts, Pusha seemed to insinuate he would.

“I think… I even heard that,” Pusha said. “And it sounds old to me. Like, the flow sound old. Even what is considered like “the shots,” bro, after what I’ve done – the “middleman” talk and all that type of talk, that’s not scathing to me. Like, I’m here to burn down everything!”

When asked again by Yee if he’d ignore it, T basically said he would saying “Yeah! I honestly feel like from the sound of it, it just sounded old to me. It’s not like fresh!”

Well, looks like Drake just dodged another hot one from Pusha. While we’re sure many a Hip-Hop fan is disappointed in Pusha’s stance on the latest subliminal diss from Drizzy, we can’t be too mad. The man has bigger and better things to worry about than to entertain going back-and-forth with Drake on records in 2022.

Check out the entire interview below and listen to Pusha address Drake around the 13:00 minute mark.