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Christian Louboutin Praises Swizz Beatz

Christian Louboutin is speaking out on his good friend Swizz Beatz who he’s collaborated with on a number of high-end pieces.

As previously reported, Swizzy was chosen to design a line of luxury sneakers and studded jackets for the designer’s previous fall collection.

Now the pair’s back at it again and the ‘red bottom’ creator couldn’t be happier.

He tells Haute Living,

“Swizz is a great soul. The wonderful thing to collaborate with someone like him is that you have no sense of boredom, no sense of exhaustion. It’s all great energy mixed with fun ideas. To translate words, situations and images into music is a fantastic gift. It’s great to share common sense about beauty and aesthetics in general with your friends. With Beatz it’s always showtime, being around him would put anyone in the best mood.”

He also spoke on Swizzy’s signature style that he says is reminiscent of Nat King Cole.

“The fashion style of Swizz is a colored mix of various influences,” Louboutin said. “[It’s the meeting of] the street style of the hip hop culture, but also the way he wraps himself in his scarves reminds me of these élégant bédouins from the Sahara Desert. He also reminds me sometimes, in his well-tailored suits fitting his deep voice, of Nat King Cole.”


No word on what Louboutin and Swizz Beatz are releasing next.