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Woman Claims Unfair TSA Search Over Big Hair

Isis Brantley is a Dallas hairstylist with a signature style of hair that is subject to an extra search when getting on a plane.

Brantley told news programs that she’s used to TSA screenings and pat-downs, but at Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport she claims she was treated unfairly on her way to Dallas.

She was cleared to pass through security, then was followed by two TSA Agents who wanted to check her hair for explosives.

“I just heard this weird voice saying ‘stop. Lady, don’t go! The lady with the big hair, stop,’ ” said Isis.

The agents claim that she required additional screening and she refused but Brantley says that was never brought to her attention.

“This is what I’m hoping, that this is not a race card and that you are not targeting people who’s hair grows totally differently than anybody else’s hair. My hair is my crown. This is my glory, my spiritual journey to connectedness to my African-American culture. Don’t touch my hair,” Brantley said.