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Before the L.O.X. became some of the hardest street rappers out today, they were once standing in shiny suits alongside Puff saying “If You Think I’m Jiggy” back in 1998.

Since then a well publicized beef between the L.O.X. and Puff ensued as they tried to get out of their contract and obtain their publishing, but the boss just wasn’t having that.  It seems that those shiny suits weren’t really working for that hardcore edge that they had built.

Tension and hostility built to the point where chairs were being thrown and Jadakiss threatened to drop a refrigerator from the office building on Puff.  Using the streets, they started a “Free the L.O.X.” movement which came with complimentary T-shirts.

With Ruff Ryders, We Are The Streets served as a middle finger to their former boss on particular known tracks.

Much time has passed and everyone has become a man with their own business ethics and mentality.

Speaking with HipHopWired, member Sheek Louch has learned to let go of what was in the past and try to move on to bigger business ventures.

“Now the smoke is clear; we ain’t got no problems with Puff and he’s making gestures at us, talking with our lawyers and tryna make something happen.  Sheek speaking, I have no problem going over there with Puff.  We’re grown now, he gave us our publishing back, which he did not have to do.  It may be a great thing.”

After a 10-year hiatus, in terms of an actual L.O.X. album, Puff wants to move things for a 2009 release for the next project, rumored to be titled New L.O.X. Order.

“That’s what Puff wants, for Christmas.  We were up for it to drop then because that’s when all the big boys drop.  It’ll be a good thing.

While details are still hazy, Sheek added that there are still some people that they might need to reach out to in order to make sure the project is as polished as it should be.  He has stated that he wants to link up with the likes of Kanye West, Dame Grease and even Timbaland to possibly make another “Ride of Die Chick.”

“I’m sure that if we do go the Puff route, he got some ideas.  We just need to put our heads together and make it a classic because people have been waiting too long just to get some bullShyte.”

Now that things have fallen into place, Sheek added that the time is appropriate now to finally get it in gear.

“Man, it was like why drop this project if Puff still has our publishing because we could have came out and did it with anyboy else.  Being that we worked it out and he gave it back, now it’s time to get busy.”

Then Puff, now Diddy has spoken on the team getting back together and stated recently that they must have an actual meeting to get the business aspect taken care of properly.

Well, just in case old wounds haven’t healed, Diddy might want to consider an office where the chairs are bolted to the floors.