An elderly woman from Alabama is in jail again on drug charges for the second time this year.

81 year old Ola Mae Robinson, has a long history of drug dealing and has yet to learn her lesson.

Robinson has an arrest history dating back to 1988 that is mainly drug charges.

This past June she was charged with manufacturing and selling crack cocaine from her home on Leeds Avenue. Now, she is jailed on similar charges.

Chief Jimmie Gardner said,

“Our young folks and others are being harmed by the activities. If you are selling it to them, you are just another criminal, regardless of your age or situation.”

Gardner said,

“Also, she’s been dealing in pills. She did have prescription drugs. She was selling Morphine. We have gotten Lortabs before, but yesterday we got Morphine.”

Police said they’ve had problems with drugs in the community for some time and noticed a considerable amount of traffic coming in and out of there continuously.

Gardner said the bust at the house will help rid the community of the drug element. It also led to another arrest.

Peep the video below to see the full news story of the arrest.


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