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Shaquille O'Neal Is Coming Through For Buffalo Shooting Victims' Families

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Shaquille O’Neal definitely has a big heart. The retired Hall-of-Famer turned analyst and now successful DJ is coming through in a BIG way for the families of 10 victims who died in the Buffalo mss shooting.

Shaquille O’Neal Is Turning Up For Buffalo Shooting Victims’ Families

O’Neal, aka DJ Diesel, announced to SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie he would be donating all proceeds from his upcoming gig at his Bass All-Stars concert in Buffalo on Friday (Jun.24).

“My next show is in Buffalo,” O’Neal said. “I’m going to donate my proceeds to some of the family members that had a tragic loss.”

Back in May, an alleged gunman went on a racist shooting rampage at the Tops Friendly Supermarket located in a predominantly Black section in Buffalo.

O’Neal’s philanthropy is nothing new as the 7’1 rim destroyer turned supplier of vibes said, “If I see where there’s a need, I take care of it.” Gotta love Shaq for that.

Shaq also talked about the concert featuring performances by DJs Herobust B2B Riot Ten, Crankdat, and Jeanie. He revealed to Swaggy Sie his method of reading a crowd and determining the tunes he would play.

“I never know what I’m going to play until I look at the crowd,” Shaq revealed to Swaggy Sie, speaking about his pre-DJ ritual. “The guy that goes on before me, I’m seeing what he’s doing and if the crowd is engaged. If you play a hit, you already know they’re going to like that.

Y’all Must Have Forgot

Now, we know a lot of folks are probably asking when Shaq became a DJ, and since when was he so into music?

Well, back in the day, O’Neal dropped some rap albums and is considered by many to be the first athlete to have both a successful rap and pro sports career. In the 90s, O’Neal dropped four albums, one of them, “Shaq Diesel,” went platinum, giving him one bragging right none of his fellow NBA brethren have.

You can watch the entire interview featuring Shaq below.

Photo: Gerardo Mora / Getty