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WezTeck Buckle Du Rag

Source: WezTeck / WezTeck

Beauty supply company WezTeck has come up with an innovative product that will make old heads who came up in the ’90s and early 2k salty that it wasn’t available to them back when they had hair. (It’s me, I’m the old head who came up in the ’90s and early 2k.) Wez Teck has created a durag with an adjustable buckle.


Just think of all the Black teens and young adults who were trying desperately to develop waves in their hair and knew that if that durag moved an inch, those waves would quickly crash into nappy oblivion. Just think of all the Black men who woke up with Jim Jones’ cornrows because that durag just wouldn’t stay in place while they slept. Now, with this ingenious display of ingenuity, all of that is over and the brothas are going to be feeling themselves this summer.

“Guys, amazing compression, snugs around your head perfectly, doesn’t slip when you go to sleep, doesn’t slip off. Imma give it a 10 out of 10,” says one Twitter user who posted a how-to video to show folks how the new durag works.

Nah—but I feel like this is how a lot of women felt when they finally started making dresses and skirts that have pockets. 

Of course, the responses on Twitter to this new innovative product that is sure to set the cookout on fire faster than the grill were a mixed bag of, well, people who have opinions on things.

This first guy gets it.

This guy’s a hater—but he has a point.

But some of these people just have no imagination at all.

Of course, there are also plenty of smart people who see the practicality in the durag’s design.

The durag is priced at $19.99 on Wez Teck’s website, which is a little more than most people are used to paying for one.

But can you buckle up your everyday durag that relies on a couple of strings to keep the waves waving and the braids tight and un-brushed? I don’t think so.

Get you one with a buckle, guys. You’ll thank me later.