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Travis Scott Performs At E11EVEN Miami

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It’s pretty clear Travis Scott understands that after the fatal tragedy that was his Astroworld concert, if an audience member at one of his shows even stubs their toe and it makes the news, he’s going to have a problem. That’s why now that the Houston rapper is back on the stage, he’s being extra cautious, even if it means bringing his performances to a grinding halt the second he notices the crowd getting too rowdy.

On the Fourth of July, Scott and Meek Mill put on a show at The Day Party concert at Coney Art Walls in Coney Island. At one point, the show got so packed that a few fans, including a dude in a Spiderman costume, “climbed up a lighting truss and dangled as they watched Travis perform,” according to TMZ.

First of all, why would anyone do anything that dangerous at a Travis Scott show knowing what happened at Astroworld? It’s like going to a forest fire sighting with fresh matches. Why?

Anyway, Scott noticed the spectacle and reportedly stopped his performance instructing the revelers to get down, which they did.

“We need y’all to get down,” Scott demanded, “My brother, just make sure you’re OK.”

And this wasn’t the only time he had to tell his fans to chill.

From Style Caster:

At another point, he could be heard telling someone that they “gotta get down.” At other points, he was telling fans to “relax” and to “back up” from the barricade. “Everybody right here, take two steps back,” he said. “Security, do not push them. Don’t push it. Don’t push the barricade.”

This is a man who is taking no chances, good people. He’s learned his lesson.

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