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Amber Rose knows Kanye West better than most since she dated him for years. So it’s shouldn’t come as a shock that she wasn’t surprised when Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from the artist now known as Ye.

The supreme anti-slut shamer hit the  It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper show and the topic of Ye’s failed marriage came up.

Reports TMZ:

Amber acknowledges she had her own issues with Ye, but she’s still wished him nothing but the best. Amber, who’s always been rock solid, says she’s focusing on her own life and not what her exes are doing.

Amber and Kanye dated from 2008 to 2010 … before he moved on to Kim a year later. So, she had a fresh look at Kanye’s new relationship with lots of experience to lay odds. And, her odds are that it just wouldn’t last.

Raq makes a point of saying Amber and Kim share the same birthday and therefore they have something in common, but Amber makes it clear … the birth date is where similarities end.

To be fair, although Kim and Ye grew a loving family before our eyes, not many people banked on that relationship last forever, or as long as it actually did.

Earlier this year, Rose apologized to the Kardashian Klan for some foul tweets she let rings off years ago shortly after her break up with Ye. Hey, can’t say she was all the wrong, though.