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Apparently, Drake is out here playing around in Joe Budden‘s face all the way from Europe and, well, it’s kind of funny—like corny funny, but funny.

While the “Hotline Bling” rapper was in Saint-Tropez with his team, he posted a video of people dancing to Budden’s 2003 party non-classic “Pump It Up.”

As you can see, most people in the place were just standing around while the song was playing, but there was one blissfully rhythmless white woman vibing to it and a Black dude going full Breakin’ to a song that does not require going full Breakin’.

So, of course, Drake had a good time with the non-spectacle.

“Where else, Joey, would you have them going so crazy?” Drake says in the video. “They’re going so nuts to the ‘Pump It Up.'”

As Hot noted, Drake and burden have been at this for some time now, and it isn’t the first time “Pump It Up” was the subject of Drake’s ridicule.

From Hot 97:

It’s interesting because the two are “frienemies.” They’ve thrown jabs at each other over the years. Things heated up when Joe called Drizzy’s 2016 Views “uninspiring.” Drake clapped back in “No Shopping” when he rapped:

“Pump, pump pump it up. … I’m not a one-hit wonder, they know all my stuff. You let me turn into the n***a that you almost was.”

Their rap beef isn’t too crazy; Drake seemed to be in good spirits during the trolling. In the footage, Drake spotted a man dancing to Latto’s (formerly known as, Mulatto) 2021 banger, “Big Energy.” The man was doing some interesting footwork to the song, and Drizzy said, “Latto got this man losing his top,” as he laughed in the video.

Of course, XXL noted that the two have had their moments of real tension since 2016 when Drake “took exception to Joe Budden’s negative review of Views,” which resulted in the two tradings diss tracks and Budden speaking on what he perceives as Drake’s “insecurity.”

“He’s very insecure,” Budden said of Drake in 2016. “If I’m Drake, I’ve built my entire empire off said insecurity. So why would I want to get rid of it? I wouldn’t. That’s exactly why I stopped dissing him. It was pointless.”

Or, whatever—maybe this is just a minor non-beef and Drizzy is just having a little fun. So far, Budden hasn’t bothered with a response. 

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