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Walt Disney World in Orange County

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Disney World is a preferred travel destination for families from all over the world as gatherers come to enjoy the fantastical elements of the theme park. However, two families decided to add a little of their own funk inside the Magic Kingdom and decided to deliver fades to one another as seen in a now-viral video.

According to a report from local Orlando outlet WDNWT, the Disney World fight took place on Thursday (July 21) after a guest broke the line to retrieve a cell phone that was left on a wheelchair. Another family, all dressed in red and white apparel, reportedly didn’t let the woman rejoin her family and moved the line along. That was when tempers flared and the brawl broke out.

In an update provided to the outlet, it appears that the family wearing the red and white matching outfits with Mickey Mouse on the front were banned from the park and the resort they were slated to stay for two weeks. However, the guest said they plan to appeal the ban.


“We got banned from Disney forever unless we contact the head,” they wrote. “2 people from other party got arrested and the rest left, no one from our fam was arrested yet and they still have us here. They r making us leave our resort which is riviera even though we are here for another 2 weeks. We have to leave Disney property including typhoon lagoon, and disney springs.”

Disney World workers attempted to break up the fight but couldn’t seem to break the groups apart. One person was said to be hospitalized for a cut while two others from the opposing group were arrested.

WDWNT: Fight video from family from Don’t Upload Here on Vimeo.

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