Dr. Dre’s Son Talks, Pops, Career

Dr Dre’s son Curtis Young aka The Product is trying to follow in some big footsteps being a rapper and seed of one of the most important figures in Hip-Hop history but he’s not deterred by the task.

In a recent interview, the upstart rapper talked about the first time meeting his pops who was absent during his childhood, their relationship now and his career and business moves.

“The first time I met my father was at the Sky Bar. We did a DNA test,” he said. “I called his attorney Howard King and got in touch with him and told Dre what was up and we took a DNA test. That’s when we found out I was his son.”

Now that their relationship has gelled and Young has started a rap career, he is very aware of the comparisons that will be laid out before him.

“I know that the legacy has to continue and I’m the one to do that,” he says.

Check out the entire clip below (via Street Disciplez) where Young continues on about his clothing line, shoes, music and movie Product of my DNA, all coming soon.

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