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Webbie Speaks On Terrence And Rocsi

More drama ensues between Webbie and 106&Park host Terrance J.

As previously reported, rapper Webbie was banned from the BET series and went as far as to fire threats at Terrance by bashing him on camera.

It doesn’t stop there however, on Monday, the rapper called into Chicago’s Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot show to ramble on about the situation.

Speaking on Rocsi Diaz, who Webbie says is the cause of the issue, Webbie tells the morning show that he previously knew her and Terrance is jealous.

Diaz like Webbie, is from Louisiana.

“I knew her before I made ‘Bad Beyotch’ and ‘Gimme That P*ssy,’ I knew her before I started making any raps. I don’t know the other dude Terrence, that’s on him,” Webbie said.

“I don’t know her personally. I just know how people live where we live. The picture explains it all. I’m just saying Terrence get your h*e man, that’s your h*e… get your h*e man. This aint got nothing to do with BET. This aint got nothing to do with the millions of kids that I say stay in school. I make sure I tell ’em stay in school. I tell these girls if you get pregnant early take care of that baby ’cause that’s your fault. Don’t get pregnant early, go be somebody. This on a busta that needs to get his h*e.”

The rapper continued, insisting that Terrance J take precaution.

“He aint worth it, but I’ll just tell him he better be cool ’cause everywhere I’ve been going I got the streets in my pocket,” he said. “And they telling me ‘we gonna beat him up’ and I don’t even be knowing these dudes. But every corner I hit they know so he better stay inside.”

Listen to Webbie going off…again, this time with Tony Sculfield and The Morning Riot.