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Unrecognizable people meet with male therapist

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Cleveland-based mental health therapist Shabree Rawls went viral for a passionate message urging Black men to seek therapy and learn to expand their “emotional vocabulary.” And soon after things started to spiral. 

In her first two-minute clip, Rawls said, “It’s so your life can be easier. Don’t you want to be able to communicate with your b*tch?!” 

She continued, “Long gone are the days where you can just shut down. B*tches is not tolerating that… Y’all think b***hes just wanna argue with y’all because y’all refuse to expand your emotional vocabulary; we don’t. It’s to provide clarity for both us and y’all dusty b***hes.”

A mental health professional, Rawls noted that 90% of her clients are Black men and she said that many of her clients struggle to communicate their feelings. 

“When you expand your emotional vocabulary, you expand your awareness of yourself. When you expand your emotional vocabulary, you understand how you can navigate in this b*tch,” the TikTok personality continued, before urging Black men to “go to therapy.”

Rawls added, “This f***ing weird a** world that is so hard on y’all, like let’s acknowledge that the world is very difficult for y’all, but y’all are not making it any easier bruh…Talk about that sh** that’s on your chest… y’all are doing a disservice to y’all self.” 

As NewsOne reports, the message was not well received by all who saw the viral video many of whom said that Rawls was shaming Black men into getting therapy. 

“This is such a dangerous pop culture articulation of Black male mental health issue. Pathologizing & speaking down to patients struggling to find words for trauma is not best practice in any literature I have read. This shaming tactic is why many BM don’t pursue therapy,” a male mental health professional noted. 

Rawls and her video garnered both detractors and supporters, but her second video sparked additional outrage when she posted another video saying that she had been fired from her job. 


“Ya’ll scream that ya’ll want to protect Black women, specifically, but have done nothing to protect this Black woman who has been serving the communities,” She said in the emotional video post as she pointed toward herself. “Being doxxed by a black woman kinda freaking hurts and she never reached out to me so that I could spin my side of the story.”

Rawls was referring to a Moguldom story that she claims doxxed her by sharing her “government” name.