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Kanye West is serious about opening more private schools under his Donda Academy umbrella. However, the implementation of his educational institution is raising a lot of questions about how legit they are when it comes to academics.

Rolling Stone investigated the Donda Academy in Simi Valley, CA and the report makes it seem like despite what may be his best intentions, Ye just might be getting fleeced. Only more questions were asked as the outlet tried to pin down info on the private school’s academics and faculty.

The most immediate cause for concern, from the outside looking in, is that parents reportedly have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to have their children attend the school. And it only gets wilder from there.

Per Rolling Stone:

Two sources tell Rolling Stone that families are required to sign nondisclosure agreements; a consultant to the school claims only parents sign, and described it as an “informal agreement.”

What’s more, the school is not yet accredited and was still looking to hire instructors shortly before the school year began. Exactly who attends and works at the school has been tricky to pin down. Donda’s listed administrators and sporting program’s leadership did not respond to Rolling Stone’s multiple inquiries about the school. A representative for West also did not respond to requests for comment. Many of those associated with the school balked at interview requests, as did parents whose children attend the school.

Then there’s the question of who is running the school, and their qualifications.

The ostensible head of the school listed on its website is principal and executive director Brianne Campbell, who also leads the school’s choir program. But Rolling Stone has learned that Campbell has never held a formal position as an educator. According to her resume, Campbell’s closest brush with a teaching position appears to be running her own piano, guitar and singing tutoring business headquartered from her apartment. The 28-year-old only enrolled in a master’s degree program in education at Pepperdine University in January and should complete the course by next August. (Campbell did not reply to an interview request.)


Rolling Stone did get longtime Ye homie and artist Malik Yusuf to on the record say that the school is legit, and part of a greater plan to open academies across the nation.

This is where we point out the irony. Ye has gone on the record to say that he is not a reader. “I actually haven’t read any book. Reading is like eating brussels sprouts for me,” Ye said in a recent podcast visit with Alo’s Mind Full podcast. Instead he prefers a conversation.

Again, bruh…